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Elopement/Micro Weddings

We are offer Elopement and small intimate micro wedding photography!

In a world where grand celebrations are often the norm, there’s something incredibly special about elopements and intimate micro weddings. These small-scale, heartfelt ceremonies allow couples to focus on their connection, creating an authentic and personal experience.

Imagine exchanging vows at the edge of a cliff with the ocean as your witness, or sharing a first dance beneath a canopy majestic trees. Elopements and micro weddings offer the freedom to choose unique, picturesque locations that reflect your love story. By focusing on a smaller guest list, you can invest more in the details that matter most – whether it’s a luxurious setting, gourmet meals, or personalized elements that reflect your personalities. With my expertise in capturing these intimate moments, I ensure that each image is a timeless memory, preserving the essence of your special day in a way that only such a personal celebration can provide. Embrace the beauty of simplicity and let the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes turn your wedding into a story of love and adventure.

I create slideshows for all my Elopement clients here are some sample slideshows:

The slideshows are more than just the greatest hits. They show how I tell the story of the wedding day from beginning to end. I like to create a custom slideshow for all my couples. Enjoy!

Jensen and Ross's wedding at Leoness Cellars Winery:

Slideshow Click to view the story of Jenna and Ross's wedding.

Lara and Jacob's Wedding at Twin Oaks Garden Club:

Slideshow Click to view the story of Lara and Jacob's wedding.

Christina and Michael's wedding at The Prado Balboa Park:

Slideshow Click to view the story of Christina and Michael's wedding.

Ilianna and Frank's wedding at the Intercontinental:

Slideshow Click to view the story of Ilianna and Frank's wedding.

Rachel and Chris • Ceremony and Reception at the US Grant

Shawnna and Jeff • Ceremony and Reception at L'Auberge

Ruth and Josh•Ceremony at Founders Chapel•Reception at the Prado

Lauren and Michael • Ceremony and Reception at Torrey Pines Lodge

We will be adding more featured real weddings soon!